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All natural pet moisturizer for dogs + cats

A high quality and moisturizing pet friendly balm for your furry friends. Packed with protective and soothing all natural botanicals to give your dogs + cats extra moisture and protection to their paws, nose, and coat. Apply to the paws for extra protection and moisture. For a shinier, smooth, and softer coat, use as needed. Formulated without added fragrance or essential oils.

Packaged in recyclable aluminum tube.

Good to know

~We’re herbalist-formulated. Which means our formulas are the real deal.

~ Fragrance-free

~Made with organic ingredients (minus beeswax and vit. e). Cruelty-free. External use only.

~When dispensing from our aluminum tubes, squeeze slowly and gently from the top (crimped area) down.

How to use

For dogs + cats, apply as needed to the paws, nose, or coat. This is like a pet version of All Balm, you can use this stuff anywhere head to toe on your pet!

Fabric & Care

Conrado makes clothes that the planet loves.

We source leftover, excess, and over-stocked fabric called deadstock from factories, other designers and fabric warehouses. Since 2016, we have saved over 40,000 yards of fabric from going into landfills. Conrado designs limited edition garments.

Handwash or cold gentle cycle.

Line dry.

Your piece will last longer and you’ll make Mother Earth smile.


(Commiphora myrrha, Burseraceae)
This legendary and not-so-secret antimicrobial and protective resin has been used for decades. We add a touch of this resin to our formula, a sticky tree-mending substance that forms when the plant has been injured. Ideal for protecting the paws, nose, and coat of your furry friend.

(Symphytum officinale, Boraginaceae)
The bright green leaves of this all healing plant have been used for centuries. The leaves and roots contain allantoin, a constituent that promotes new skin cell growth and reduces inflammation. It's powerful skin reparative and soothing effects will keep your furry friends coming back for more.

Sunflower Oil
(Helianthus annuus, Asteraceae)
This bright yellow flowers seeds are pressed into a nutrient and skin soothing oil. It's rich in omegas and antioxidants to moisturize and soothe your dog (or cats) paws. For a soft, shiny, and smooth coat, apply as needed.

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