CONRADO is a clothing brand and multi-label boutique of clothing, crafts, home goods, gifts and apothecary. Conrado is committed to supporting artisans and women-owned businesses who share the same love of modern elegance, and commitment to ethically produced products. Conrado is a woman of color owned business and female operated on Martha's Vineyard.

The Conrado house brand was founded by fashion designer Angela Sison. Angela has worked in the fashion industry in New York, California, and Paris.

It was in a dream where the name Conrado came about. Angela handed off a triangle shaped piece of paper with Conrado written on it to her grandfather. Conrado is Angela's grandfather's first name. This is also the reason why our labels and tags are in a shape of a triangle. 

Angela's upbringing in fashion brought to life this brand. Angela grew up in the Philippines in her family’s textile factory and some of her earliest memories are of counting buttons and trimming thread. At that time, her grandfather was traveling around the world for work. He lived in San Francisco from the late 70s through the early 90s and she has always been inspired by his universality. He truly embodied the whole persona of the traveler. What he wore and what he did was seamless. Angela wants her pieces to embody that same freedom of traveling.

Angela Sison Photo by Gabriela HermanAngela treasures her upbringing in the Philippines and spent a lot of time thinking about how people would go from the city to the beach wearing the same clothes. She wanted pieces that transitioned without having to think. Pieces that are simple and sophisticated. Pieces that are seamless. She lives and travels between San Francisco, Manila and Martha’s Vineyard where she finds constant inspiration. She knew she wanted her fabrics to be natural and textured and thinks of her pieces as New England meets the Tropics with the effortless California vibe.

Photo by Gabriela Herman

Angela works on all the patterns and chooses to use deadstock fabric that she searches for during her travels. Conrado styles are all limited in quantity due to the use of deadstock fabric. Conrado pieces are produced in the Philippines in her mother's small family-ran factory. Angela constantly travels to work closely with skilled seamstresses and pattern makers. A close relationship with our artisans makes the superior quality of Conrado.


You may find Conrado on the island of Martha's Vineyard and several stores nationwide. Visit Angela at her new studio and store in Downtown Vineyard Haven, MA. The shop carries not only clothing from the Conrado line but gifting, knits, home and lifestyle items. Most of the brands carried under the Conrado roof is made by friends of Conrado, women-owned and BIPOC owned. 

Angela is also a popular vendor at the Chilmark Flea Market and several other craft makers markets which Conrado participates in. 

Read more on our process and how we make your Conrado pieces.

Conrado Studio Photo by Gabriela Herman


photography by Gabriela Herman
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