New Arrivals


Shop our new inventory - from dresses, pants, overalls, lounge, to accessories and home goods! Conrado's clothing is designed in Martha's Vineyard and ethically made in the Philippines by local artisans that reflect a lifestyle of comfort, beauty, and ease.

Here at Conrado, we use deadstock materials to make all our garments. This includes fabrics, thread, buttons, and trims considered waste by other brands and factories. These "wasted" materials are landfill-bound. We use these zero-waste materials to repurpose and design with the environment in mind. Using deadstock fabric and deadstock materials helps create sustainable, limited edition eco-friendly dresses and other garments for your wardrobe.

Keeping the environment in mind, we source the best cotton, linen, and printed fabrics to create our unique line that includes our basic dress, a-line dress, reversible dress, linen wrap dress and so much more. It's about feeling comfortable in what you're wearing every day, and we want to be a part of that!

Conrado prides itself on creating pieces that will last more than a season! Enjoy wearing Conrado dresses time and time again.