Winter on Martha's Vineyard is the perfect time for adventurous travel, whether you're chasing snow-covered landscapes or escaping to warmer climates. To make your winter travel experience even more enjoyable, we've have curated a list of our favorite essentials. From comfortable sweatpants for long journeys to stylish accessories for exploring new places, these items are sure to enhance your winter travel adventures.

Your Stylish Carry-On Companion Baggu Cloud Tote

First on the list is the Baggu Cloud Tote – a spacious and stylish carry-on that will be your perfect travel companion. Its sleek design and roomy interior make it ideal for keeping your essentials close at hand during your winter escapades.


Stay Organized in Transit Baggu 3D Zip Set

Packing efficiently is key to stress-free travel. The Baggu 3D Zip Set is perfect for organizing your toiletries, accessories, or any other essentials you want to keep separate. With its durable construction and stylish look, this set is a must-have for any winter journey.


Comfortable Travel Attire Eastyn Sweatpants

Long flights, bus rides, or boat trips call for comfortable attire, and the Eastyn Sweatpants fit the bill perfectly. Stay cozy and stylish as you travel to your winter destination in these versatile and comfortable sweatpants.


TLC for Your Skin Noto's Deep Serum Oil

Travel can take a toll on your skin, but Noto's Deep Serum Oil has got you covered. Keep your skin nourished and hydrated with this rejuvenating serum, ensuring you look and feel your best throughout your winter adventures.


Stylish Exploration Knotty Ones Kalvos Sweater Vest

Exploring new places doesn't mean sacrificing style, and the Knotty Ones Kalvos Sweater Vest proves just that. Stay warm and chic as you wander through winter wonderlands with this elegant merino wool vest.

As you embark on your winter travel adventures, don't forget to pack these handpicked favorites from Emily and Angela. From stylish carry-ons to comfortable travel attire and skincare essentials, these items are sure to enhance your journey, ensuring you stay cozy, organized, and stylish throughout your winter explorations. Safe travels!