In the world of fashion, style is often synonymous with innovation and creativity. One such innovation that has taken the hair accessory world by storm is the humble yet chic hair claw clip. These versatile little gems have made a grand comeback, gracing runways, red carpets, and everyday street fashion alike.

We've selected claws from our favorite brands to stock the store with! 

Chunks - Angela met Tiffany of Chunks Shop at one of the craft fairs in San Francisco. As luck would have it, their booths were next to each other. She immediately fell in love with all the designs and colors of her hair clips. Tiffany started Chunks in 2019, and went viral with their Checkered Hair Claw. Chunks is responsibly made in China. Chunks was the first hair accessory brand we started carrying when we opened up our first Brick & Mortar space and have continued to stock their fun clips ever sense! 


Winona Irene - Offers such whimsical and dreamy claws that have been a huge hit with Islanders! Winona Irene is a California-based independent artist who creates eco-friendly, stylish accessories including hair claws, clips, and barrettes. Each hair accessory is unique due to the nature of the material. Each hair clip is cut from individual pieces of cellulose acetate that create different patterns and colours. 


Coucou Suzette Seafood Hair Clips

Coucou SuzetteThe founder of Coucou Suzette: Juliette Mallet, is a Parisian illustrator who grew up in a family of artists. She began in 2016 from a Boob Ring! and continued to turn her illustrations into other accessories! They create their hair accessories out of Cellulose Acetate, which is classified as “bioplastic” because it looks like plastic but it is not made of petroleum. Therefore, it is a sustainable material because it is biodegradable and can disappear in around ten years if put in a compost, unlike plastic or traditional acrylic. We've loved carrying their hair claws since 2023, it's sea creatures collections was one of our quickest selling hair accessories this summer! 


Jenny Lemons - New to our stocklist this year is the most fun hair claws you've ever seen! Jenny Lemons is a vibrant accessory and creative lifestyle brand founded by San Francisco-based artist Jennie Lennick. Attention grabbing Pizza and Hot Dog Clips to adorable baked goods!