Looking for the ideal Baggu reusable bag that complements your style and supports your eco-friendly values? You're in the right place. Baggu leads sustainable fashion with their eco-friendly designs.

Conrado has handpicked some of the top Baggu products for you. Explore Baggu's collection and discover why their bags are the ultimate eco-friendly tote bag choice for every conscious fashion lover.

Reusable Standard Baggu: The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Tote Bag

The reusable standard Baggu isn’t just a bag; it’s a statement. Its unique shape and design make it the perfect eco-friendly tote bag for those who want to stand out. Whether heading to brunch or a beach day, this bag is your sustainable companion. 


Baggu Fanny Pack: The Sustainable Fanny Pack Alternative

Move over traditional fanny packs, and say hello to Baggu's nylon fanny pack. This isn't just any fanny pack; it's the fanny pack alternative for the modern, eco-conscious individual. Go hands-free and make a sustainable statement.


Baggu Duck Bag: The Perfect Zip Top

Crafted from recycled cotton canvas, the Duck Bag can be worn as a tote or crossbody. A fun on-the-go bag with a zip-top closure. 


Baggu Cloud Bag: Bags Made from Recycled Materials

Light and durable, the cloud bag is ideal. From a black work bag to a colorful on-the-go companion, its minimalist design pairs well with any outfit. 

Baggu Nylon Shoulder Bag: The Eco-Friendly Crossbody Bag

Classic and timeless, the Baggu shoulder bag is the epitome of eco-friendly crossbody bags. Its spacious interior ensures you can carry all your essentials, while its sleek design ensures you look good doing it.


Baggu Medium Nylon Crescent Bag: The Athletic Crossbody Bag

This medium-sized nylon bag isn’t just stylish; it’s also an ideal athletic crossbody bag for those on the move. Carry more essentials while retaining the crescent bag's iconic shape. Wear it over the shoulder or sling it across your body for interchangeable styles. 


Baggu Hat: The Sustainable Sun Accessory

Who said Baggu only made bags? Baggu hats are perfect for those sunny days when you need shade. Made with the same commitment to quality, baggu hats are a chic addition to any outfit.

Baggu Reusable Bags and Accessories

Baggu isn't just a brand; it's a movement towards sustainable purses and sustainable handbags. Their commitment to creating bags made from recycled materials and promoting sustainability is evident in every product. 

At Conrado, we're proud to feature Baggu in our collection, and we invite you to explore recycled tote bags, fanny packs, shoulder bags, work totes, and more. Discover our curated collection of Baggu Bags


Are Baggu bags vegan?

Yes, Baggu offers a range of sustainable vegan tote bags and vegan crossbody bags.

Is Baggu sustainable?

Absolutely! They prioritize using sustainable materials and practices in every product. Baggu is committed to sustainability, from using recycled materials to ensuring eco-friendly practices. An excellent choice for eco-friendly tote bags, with all bags made from recycled materials.

Who Designs Baggu?

Emily Sugihara, co-founding BAGGU with her mother Joan, is the designer behind the brand's environmentally conscious and distinctively simple bags.

What makes Baggu reusable bags unique?

Baggu reusable bags are known for their eco-friendly designs that complement both style and sustainability. They are a leading sustainable handbag brand.

Where can I explore more Baggu products?

Explore our curated collection of Baggu Products. Conrado offers a handpicked collection of top Baggu products, showcasing a variety of vegan tote bags, recycled tote bags, and more.