Luna | Mood Balance + Sleep Salve
Luna | Mood Balance + Sleep Salve
Luna | Mood Balance + Sleep Salve
Luna | Mood Balance + Sleep Salve

Luna | Mood Balance + Sleep Salve

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1 oz.

vegan & cruelty-free

a nourishing herbal salve created using organic jojoba oil infused with calming herbs for an entire moon cycle. use for anxiety, mood balance, and restful sleep. safe to use for all ages. if you’re pregnant, always consult a doctor before use.

Texture: Extra-firm. Melts upon touch. Only need a little bit at a time for it to work its magic.

Scent: Valerian root gives off a musky, pungent, earthy scent — this is completely normal but may take some getting used to. Gently and naturally scented with organic essential oils of lavender and vetiver.

Ingredients: organic herb-infused jojoba oil (valerian root, lavender, chamomile, passionflower, mugwort), organic candelilla wax, organic lavender oil, organic vetiver oil, organic vitamin e oil

Valerian Root - the most well-known herb for insomnia; promotes relaxation and sleep.

Lavender - a soothing herb for quality sleep and relaxation. helpful for insomnia, depression, anxiety. may help in promoting deep, slow-wave sleep.

Chamomile - known as a mild sedative and sleep-inducer, chamomile is a natural remedy against inflammation, insomnia, and anxiety. when applied topically, it also helps soothe skin irritation and speed up healing of wounds.

Passionflower - a calming agent used historically to treat anxiety, insomnia, seizures, and hysteria.

Mugwort - a mild sedative that encourages sound sleep; reduces anxiousness and stress. helps to relieve itchiness that can occur in burn scars.

How to use: patch test prior to use. apply with clean hands to pulse points as needed. a little goes a long way. discontinue if irritation occurs. apply throughout the day whenever you’re feeling stressed, nervous, or anxious. add a small dab to wrists and temples for a perfect before-bed ritual to help quiet your mind and ease racing thoughts.

Storage & Expiration: Your Rose + Water Salve will be perfectly active for at least 42 months after opening. Store in a cool, dark, and dry place to maximize its freshness and potency. Keep away from direct sunlight.


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