Leila Castle's West Marin Bath Soak

Leila Castle's West Marin Bath Soak

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16 oz. glass bottle


Inspired by the forests of West Marin in Califrnoia. Leila Castle's botanical bath salts are made with wild and organic essential oils in Epsom salts. In it includes, eucalyptus, douglas fir, bay laurel - great for respiratory and immune support. Pour in a hot bath and unlock the dazzling sensation of the forests. Magic in a bottle.

Handcrafted in Pt. Reyes, California by Leila Castle
Leila Castle specializes in creating artisan botanical perfume using the finest quality precious flower absolutes and wildcrafted and organic essential oils from around the world. Her interest in perfumery began as a child living beside The Rose Garden in Berkeley, California--gathering roses to make perfume until caught by the gardeners. Her artistry in fragrance combines many years of study in diverse fields that marry in her blending--astrology, sacred feminine traditions, geomancy, cabala, dharma, herbalism, natural healing, aromatherapy and the magical and transformational use of fragrance. She has been working with botanical fragrance for over 25 years.

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