AGUA DE SABINA (Juniper Hydrosol)

AGUA DE SABINA (Juniper Hydrosol)

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These days it seems that there is so much to detoxify from. Whether the need to detoxify is physical or spiritual, Juniper is a powerful ally to support this necessary work.

This is one of my favorite plants to work with topically for detoxification. Aromatherapy teaches us how effective Juniper is in a bath to help support our body to eliminate toxins. The convenience of a mist allows this ally to travel with you wherever you go.

This hydrosol is steam distilled with needles and berries for a more dynamic scent profile. The needles lend floral notes to the crisp and dry smelling berries. This combination is one of my favorite scents!

This Juniper hydrosol is grounded with a Black Troumaline gem essence for cleansing toxic energy from the body, mind, and emotions, for releasing toxic energy from the environment, and for purification, clearing, and releasing of one’s environment and sacred spaces.


Hydrosols are aromatic waters collected when plants are distilled. These sacred waters contain a vibrational imprint of the plant’s spirit medicine and their unfiltered essential oils.


Mist yourself or any sacred space or object.

Suggested spiritual uses: detoxification, protective shield against negative energy, purification, shifting energy

Suggested topical uses: diuretic for water retention, facial toner for oily skin or acne, physical detoxification


Distilled water, Juniper needles from Memory Seed Family Outpost, and a spirit dose of Black Troumaline gem essence.

Crafted in California by  Renée Camila of La Yerba Buena

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