AGUA DE ROMERO (Rosemary Hydrosol)

AGUA DE ROMERO (Rosemary Hydrosol)

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Remembrance. Recollection. Rebirth. Return to self. Rosemary has so many gifts, both spiritually and physically.

Rosemary is originally from Southern Europe and Western Asia and introduced in the so-called “Americas”. Romero, or Rosemary in spanish, is an important plant in Curanderismo, a healing lineage that has roots in Indigenous, African, and Spanish traditional medicine.

This Rosemary hydrosol is grounded with a Pyrite gem essence for ancestral healing, establishing and strengthening boundaries, building self-esteem, and building an energetic foundation based on truth.


Hydrosols are aromatic waters collected when plants are distilled. These sacred waters contain a vibrational imprint of the plant’s spirit medicine and their unfiltered essential oils.


Mist yourself or any sacred space or object.

Suggested spiritual uses: ancestral remembrance, cleansing sacred spaces, protection, recollecting dreams, returning to self

Suggested topical uses: facial toner for normal to oily skin, memory loss, stimulating hair growth, while studying to improve retention


Distilled water, homegrown Rosemary needles, and a spirit dose of Pyrite gem essence.

Crafted in California by  Renée Camila of La Yerba Buena

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