AGUA DE ESTAFIATE (Mugwort Hydrosol)

AGUA DE ESTAFIATE (Mugwort Hydrosol)

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A plant that has an affinity for the Moon and all things lunar. Una plantita with an affinity for the womb and creation. A being that is rooted in water with arms reaching for the magic in the stars.

An ally for dream work, for divination, for the medicine of place on the banks of a river.

This Mugwort hydrosol is grounded with a Aragonite gem essence for creating and maintaining clear boundaries for healing work and helping one remain grounded during energy work.


Hydrosols are aromatic waters collected when plants are distilled. These sacred waters contain a vibrational imprint of the plant’s spirit medicine and their unfiltered essential oils.


Mist yourself or any sacred space or object.

Suggested spiritual uses: clairvoyance, clarity, clearing negativity, dream journeying, integration, presence, processing grief

Suggested topical uses: astringent for acne, awakening the uterus, bruises, cysts, regulating menses, poison oak


Distilled water, Artemisia californica, and a spirit dose of Aragonite gem essence.

Crafted in California by  Renée Camila of La Yerba Buena

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