Steadfast Magazine


Originally published by Steadfast Magazine



Editorial Photographed by Maggie Shannon


Designer - Angela Sison


Stylist / Art Direction - Mary Katherine Youngblood 


Model - Alison DeFranco


Location Scout - Kendall Waldman 


Conrado is a city to beach inspired clothing brand. Conrado takes it's inspiration from living between three different landscapes of Martha's Vineyard, San Francisco and Manila (Philippines.)

It's a mixture of New England meets the tropics with that chill California vibe. It's where designer and founder of Conrado, Angela Sison, divides her time to run the sustainably designed Conrado.

This year's Spring/Summer collection was inspired by the need to feel cool and comfy during long hot summer days. The Filipino word 'presko' that means to keep cool and fresh was in mind for each design. A word that she often heard during summers in the Philippines where you battle humidity and heat by keeping cool and fresh.