Olivia of Simply Liv & Co.

These pieces remind me of the ocean. When I'm wearing them — even though I live in the exact middle of the country, as far away from either ocean as I could — I feel calm, powerful, and sure of myself. Conrado, the shop behind these incredible designs, is meant to take your from "city to beach," so the feeling the pieces evoke is intentional. - Olivia of Simply Liv & Co.

I was so honored that Conrado was part of Simply Liv & Co.'s Slow Fashion Feature. Olivia, who runs the blog is an advocate for simple and authentic living. As mother of two toddlers, you know Olivia handles a lot but she is a girl boss. I love her outlook in life of living simply and authentically by focusing on what truly matters in the present moment. Her posts on her blog are about tips and advices on living consciously and minimally. She also helps you create your capsule wardrobe for each season. 

Here are a few photos of how she wore Conrado. We loved how she styled them so take a look!

You can also check her blog post about Conrado, here!