Chilmark Flea Market 2016

Conrado launched just last summer at the Chilmark Flea Market on Martha's Vineyard. It is the oldest outdoor venue on the island. It has evolved into a market that features Vineyard artists, craftsmen and designers.  Antiques, imports and vintage finds are fun to shop for here too. It was the perfect open air market nestled in a green dell off a quaint country road.

We were so happy to be welcomed at the Chilmark Flea Market and be part of this island tradition. Getting to know locals, especially fellow artists and visitors of Martha's Vineyard from all over the country was a daily inspiration that came from being at the flea. 

Every day was different. There was always a new face to meet every week! I would start the day early driving down from Aquinnah to North Road, parking the truck at my space, setting up white tent to protect us from the heat and assembling the clothing racks with the summer collection of dresses, jumpsuits, shorts and tops. Amazing ladies would brave our make-shift fitting rooms and this went on and on from 9am to 2pm!


Conrado Chilmark Clothing Rack

Some brave ladies who tried on Conrado jumpsuit, dress and tops at the flea market!